April 1, 2020

Where can I go hiking? Are the trails closed? How do I find out? Who do I call? 

There are 2.27 billion acres of public lands here in the US. What are our public lands? How do we find them and how do we use them? Our public lands are places where we can recreate. Recreation comes in all forms. Whether you’re a hiker or a climber, or simply getting out for a walk or a picnic, you’re probably doing so on lands that are public. I’ve come to learn that during this pandemic, people are wanting to get outside more than ever. While it’s a good thing that more people are interested in fresh air and recreating, it is not necessarily a good thing right now. We need to be staying at home, and if we are getting outside to recreate, we need to be staying as close to home as possible. 

So, how do we get o...

June 25, 2018

On the very last morning of our six weeks on the road, there was a tepid quietness at our camp site as we sat in the backs of our two vehicles knowing that in just a few hours, we would be headed home. While there may have not been much left to say to one another, we both knew there was much to settle up on and tackle in the coming weeks as we started to write about and reveal what we experienced during this public lands road trip, aka the Southwest Road Trip. I remember saying to Elisabeth at the time, “my blog is going to take a few weeks.”

I can hardly in writing describe or recreate what this trip was like and how it has transformed me. But, this trip wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about going to beautiful places for our social media pages. This trip was about our public lands and the untangling...

April 19, 2018

Nicole Brown | Merrell Ambassador | The Three Saints Challenge

August 14, 2017

I cried, I laughed, I played. 

These are three things that can, will and most assuredly happen to you when attending Outessa. The tears for me, were tears of joy and letting things go. The laughter was being around so many fun loving women and the playing… well, with the locations, classes and activities that Outessa has planned for you, you will most definitely play… hard. 

I came to Outessa Kirkwood as one of the REI Outessa Ambassadors with Lifestraw. Both REI and Lifestraw are doing exciting things for us adventure folk and the Outessa weekend is definitely an experience worth getting excited for. I was probably one of the first to arrive on Thursday, as I surveyed the hard work being put forth by the folks at REI. You could tell they were excited and mindful to every little detail, as I watc...

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